Need a Loan or Finance? Blacklisted?

Need a Personal Loan? We can assist.

Need a Loan or Finance? Blacklisted?

Need a Loan for that Personal Item?

Need a Loan or Finance? Blacklisted?

Need a Loan or Finance? Blacklisted?

Cash Loan

There are many loan entities that claim to cater towards your needs. While many do innovate and excel on many fronts, the rest of their services tend to suffer. If you are looking for a reliable all-in-one cash loan solution, look no further than Dot Loans.

Our loan services are flexible, with the ability to issue our clients with affordable repayment plans and pro-consumer service delivery. Whether it be unforeseen medical expenses, vehicle repairs or simply a top up to get through the month – DotLoans has got your best interests at heart.

A flexible Cash loan on offer is our “Personal Loan”. This loan can be used to cover anything you may need the extra cash for. This can be college tuition being paid up front, repairs made to your family vehicle or simply a luxury you and your loved ones couldn’t live without.

This personal cash loan enables you to lend anything between R1 000 and R250 000. This is to be paid back over a 5 year repayment plan – which is much easier than paying back a traditional bank. If you are curious as to how our personal loan can benefit your current financial situation, reach out to us today.

Our 90-day payday cash loan is a sure-fire way to get you through a month that’s been way too long for your wallet. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable way of achieving short-term compensation with a lenient 90-day payback plan – this loan option is more than ideal for you.

This 90-day payday cash loan is designed with the intent of aiding your current financial situation leading up to pay day. While this may not always be a large sum of money, you do have the luxury of opting for a larger some of cash! Contact us today to find out how our 90-day payday cash loan can suit your needs.

If you are looking for suitable cash loans to reinforce your finances, look further than DotLoans. From personal cash loans to access large amounts of cash on demand or a pick-me-up via the 90-day payday loan, our loan services are sure to keep you and your wallet more than satisfied.

To find out more about DotLoans and our useful cash loan offerings, contact us today.